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November 29, 2022

Slope Delivers Real-Time Clinical Supply Chain Insights with Launch of Study Dashboard for Sponsors

San Francisco, California — Nov. 29, 2022 — Slope announced general availability of its interactive Study Dashboard for Sponsors to address challenges coordinating and overseeing clinical supply chain management for one or more clinical trials across multiple research sites. The new interactive interface delivers clinical trial sponsors with accurate, real-time insights into their clinical trial supply chains including lab kit, investigational product (IP), device, and ancillary clinical supply inventories at research sites, and the state of biological samples from collection through lab receipt. With the Study Dashboard for Sponsors, clinical trial sponsors can proactively identify and address inventory and biological sample issues to reduce clinical trial risk, control costs, improve the productivity of clinical trial stakeholders, and increase subject enrollment and retention.

Data can be sorted, filtered, and drilled into to gather the information a sponsor needs to take meaningful action.

By using the Study Dashboard for Sponsors, clinical trial sponsors can:

  1. Ensure each research site has the lab kits, IP, devices, and ancillary and other clinical supplies they need based on patient demand
  2. Identify high- and low-performant research sites based on their clinical supply inventory management, waste levels, and biological sample collection practices
  3. Monitor the chain of custody of biological samples, how quickly they progress through their journey, and resolve issues before they negatively affect the outcome of the clinical trial

"Clinical supply chain management has always been a challenge for sponsors. As the average number of sites per study increases, this gets even harder. The industry's status quo of using manual processes—including error-prone spreadsheets, emails, and phone communications—just doesn't cut it," said Hope Meely, Chief Clinical Officer at Slope. "The Study Dashboard for Sponsors puts at their fingertips all the detailed clinical supply and biological sample information they need to determine the performance of each research site and identify issues that could signal major problems for the clinical trial down the road. I wish that I had always had Slope's Study Dashboard for Sponsors when I was running clinical trials—it would have saved my ClinOps team and me a lot of time and effort."

More About the Study Dashboard for Sponsors

The interactive Study Dashboard for Sponsors supports drill-down from a list of a sponsor's research study protocols into detailed clinical supply inventory and biological sample data for each research site supporting the study. This data can be sorted, filtered, and drilled into further to gather the information a sponsor needs to take meaningful action. Sponsors can drill down into various levels of detail, including:

Research Study Summary Dashboard

Summarizes key clinical supply performance metrics for the research study and each research site

Research Study Metrics

Number of subjects enrolled, biological samples collected, clinical supply items used, destination labs, and suppliers

Research Site Metrics

  • Inventory Metrics - Amount of clinical supplies available, average inventory turnover time, percentage of clinical supply wasted, and IP on hand
  • Biological Sample Metrics Number of biological samples registered, stored, and shipped by the research site, and delivered to and received by the destination lab

Biological Sample Details

  • Sample types—pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic, hematology, chemistry, genomic, tissue, skin, punch, etc.
  • Subject ID
  • Associated visit and timepoint
  • Date and time of collection
  • Current state—registered, staged, shipped, delivered, and received

Sample Journey Chart

The chain of custody details for each biological sample as it progresses from state to state

  • Who moved it from state to state
  • The date and time it was moved
  • State details such as location, tracking ID number, and associated shipping e-manifest
  • Alerts if there are issues such as slow state transitions

About Slope

Slope is the Clinical Trial Execution Platform for sponsors and research sites collaborating on complex, sample-intensive, early-phase clinical trials. The Slope platform reduces clinical trial risks, reins in costs, improves the productivity of clinical trial collaborators, and increases subject retention. Through its Title 21 CFR Part 11-compliant platform and protocol-specific guided workflows, Slope fosters collaboration between sponsors, sites, vendors, labs, biorepositories, and couriers; provides real-time visibility into activities at research sites; ensures traceable chain-of-custody for supplies and samples in use, transit, and storage; and contributes to stronger compliance and protocol adherence. To date, Slope has managed over a million supplies for hundreds of studies across thousands of sites.

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