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Boring clinical trials are better clinical trials

They have fewer surprises, faster outcomes, and stronger data integrity. They’re more likely to finish on time and on budget. Slope’s mission is to make clinical trials boring by eliminating the chaos that sponsors, CROs, research sites, and labs face every day to get their job done.

Why we exist

Fix clinical research at its core

Slope was founded to solve a problem that is consistently being overlooked, despite its strain on the entire clinical trial ecosystem.

The problem

Clinical research sites do not have the tools to manage their clinical inventory at scale.
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The impact

Sponsors experience study delays, budget overruns, and regulatory risk due to a lack of proper oversight of the entire clinical trial supply chain.
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Our raison d'être

This chaos is what Slope was born to solve.
It’s why we exist.

Our Mantra

Protect the site experience

Slope is a site-first organization. Our focus is eliminating the chaos that hinders sites from focusing on what matters.

That’s why we’ve established a global network of NCI sites and AMCs, empowering them to control their supply chains and advance today’s most complex clinical trials.

Our Purpose

Patients are paramount

Slope is leading the charge in revolutionizing clinical trial supply chains around the world for the betterment of patients everywhere.

We believe our site-centric approach and our mission to make clinical trials boring will enable us to make the biggest impact on patients’ lives. At Slope, patients are paramount.
"We want to empower sponsors, CROs, research sites, and labs to focus on advancing therapies rather than managing manual processes. Ultimately, this means faster trials, greater participation, better data, and more lives saved."
Rust Felix
Chief Executive Officer and cofounder
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