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Slope's site-centric platform enables study-specific workflows to standardize and automate processes, which solves sites' unique challenges in managing clinical inventory and biological samples.
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Slope makes clinical trials worry‑free for sites

Streamline clinical inventory management

Move away from manually intensive spreadsheets, phone calls, and emails to manage your clinical inventory. Slope’s platform helps you organize, manage, and track all of your inventory, enabling visibility across your site.
Inventory management

Protect patient sample integrity

Knowing exactly where your samples are at every moment in the sample journey ensures peace of mind that you’re doing what’s best for your patient in protecting each sample’s integrity.
Sample management

Ensure study compliance with digital schedule of procedures

Leverage easy-to-follow, streamlined digital visit procedure workflows built upon current versions of approved documents. The Slope platform eliminates the need to reference previous versions, supports your compliance efforts, and ensures you know what action to perform and when, guiding your busy staff along.
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Slope is extremely easy to use, compounded by the fact that our designated solutions engineer did all of the legwork to get our site started in the system. I just hopped on a phone call with our representative, told him how our company is set up and how we would like to use Slope to meet our needs, and he took it from there. We are very happy with Slope!”
Sarah Buccigross
Clinical Research Manager
University of Cincinnati Cancer Center
Reduction of site waste
Waste using typical manual processes
Reduced waste with Slope
less clinical waste with Slope
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Guest Podcast
Slope interviews Brad Hightower on Note to File
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Slope Benefits

No more missed visit windows

Always have the lab kits, devices, and clinical supplies you need to complete the patient visit.
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Never turn a patient away

Protect your patients from having to repeat a sample collection due to a lost or compromised sample.
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Ready for anything

Every action taken within the Slope platform is logged and timestamped, providing efficient data-driven audits.
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Automate IIT Supply

Streamline complex investigator‑initiated trials

Your first responsibility is running your clinic and treating your patients, and should always take precedence. While there is immense value in running IITs to further critical research, management of IITs can put pressure on already under-resourced site staff, often managed manually. With Slope, you can have peace of mind that supplies are available to your patients and that critical safety, efficacy, and exploratory lab samples get where they need to be.

Run single‑center IITs with ease

Learn how Slope provides inventory tracking and sample management for your next single-center IIT program.
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Efficiently manage multi‑center IITs

Learn how Slope can help you efficiently run multi-center IITs while providing you with full oversight, traceable chain of custody and risk mitigation for IIT supply and samples.
  • Demonstrate sample chain of custody
  • Ensure accurate and complete patient records
  • Obtain visibility to the entire process that meets your regulatory oversight requirements
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Ultimate Guide to Managing Biological Samples for Sites
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