February 21, 2023

Are Boring Clinical Trials Better?

We think they are. 

Clinical researchers are some of the most dedicated, passionate, and driven individuals, developing new therapies to combat devastating diseases and improve the world. They operate at the forefront of scientific advancement, and their work is truly remarkable.

However, researchers must navigate a complex and chaotic clinical trial ecosystem. Today’s trials have 70% more procedures, 85% more endpoints, and more amendments, requiring a labyrinth of processes and technology involving multiple stakeholders and countless moving parts. Moreover, certain aspects of clinical trials still depend on manual processes and spreadsheets. The outcome is inefficiency, increased costs, and frustration.

Let's take a moment to think about how this ecosystem translates to your day to day as a clinical research professional. 

How often have you started your workday only to find yourself constantly putting out fires? You may find it challenging to conduct data review meetings to allow planned dose escalations or expansions due to spending your entire day tracking down critical PK or PD samples, only to discover that they were never obtained. The laboratory kits provided at your clinical site have either expired or become misplaced, preventing your sites from completing patient visits. The lack of visibility into clinical inventory necessitates constantly resending more supplies, contributing to supply waste. To make matters worse, your clinical operations staff is overloaded with spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls, all of which consume their already busy schedules. As a result, the end of the day arrives, and you have spent more time handling problems than advancing your programs.

What if the frenzied nature of executing clinical trials detailed above was replaced by a scenario where intelligent, talented scientists and researchers weren't hindered by tedious processes, obstacles, and headaches? Clinical trials would be uneventful (or dare we say, boring), allowing your team to allocate their valuable time towards important responsibilities and exhilarating scientific pursuits!

You'll never lose a sample again, and you'll always have the necessary supplies to complete patient visits. You'll have real-time insight into all clinical trial activities that affect the supply chain — spanning sponsors, CROs, clinical research sites, and labs. Boring trials will yield fewer surprises, faster outcomes, stronger data integrity, and are more likely to conclude within the allotted timeframe and budget.

As a result, when you arrive at work in the morning, every day becomes an opportunity to focus on what matters. The science and the patients remain at the center of your day, making it much more gratifying. 

This is why we believe boring clinical trials are better, and how we can help ensure that patients are always paramount.

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