Data-Driven Resupply

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Say goodbye to manual processes for reordering lab kits and related supplies.
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Sample collection tube.
Sample collection tube.
Sample collection tube.
Sample collection tube.
Sample collection tube.

The Problem

A vicious cycle of excess supply, waste, and manual reordering

Diagram depicting the vicious cycle in clinical inventory management perpetuated by outdated, manual methods.

The Solution

Automate supply tracking and ordering

Data-driven resupply for lab kits and associated supplies has not existed until now. Slope removes the burden on sponsors and clinical research sites to track inventory consumption and manually reorder supplies.

Reduce waste from bulk supply

Slope reduces waste and increases the utilization of supplies at the site by only sending what you need, when you need it as patients enroll.

Mitigate risk of expiry and recalls

Slope automatically removes recalled or expired supplies from inventory, and triggers resupply if necessary.
The Vicious Cycle of Clinical Inventory Management
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