Slope Platform Overview

The platform for highly complex, sample-intensive clinical trials

Automate manual processes for managing and mitigating risk surrounding clinical inventory and biological samples.
traceable chain of custody for samples
increase in site supply utilization
reduction in supply waste
study delays due to sample loss

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Our clinical trial execution platform offers a systematic, real-time solution for complete visibility of clinical supply progress for sponsors, CROs, clinical research sites, and labs — all in one central location.

Inventory Management

Organize, track and manage all clinical inventory according to the study protocol.
  • Sponsors gain oversight over sites’ inventory
  • Sites always have the right supplies to complete the visit
  • Reduce supply waste

Sample Management

Control sample waste and data integrity with real-time tracking and oversight.
  • Maintain oversight of safety and efficacy data
  • Equip sites to adhere to the protocol
  • Mitigate regulatory risk

Data-driven Resupply

Eliminate the guesswork around how much supply to order, and when, to complete patient visits.
  • Automate supply tracking
  • Patient demand driven supply ordering
  • Avoid recalls and expiry risk
We are reinventing the way clinical operations and study execution are done for clinical research trials, especially those with complex, sample-intensive protocols.”
Hope Meely
Chief Clinical Officer

Platform features and functionality

Ensure stakeholder collaboration, protocol adherence, faster amendments, and traceable chain of custody for your clinical inventory and biological samples.

Improve collaboration & coordination among all stakeholders

Streamline processes, data exchange, and supply management across sponsors, CROs, sites, and labs for productive clinical operations.
  • Enable transparency, increased performance, and satisfaction
  • Improve resource planning and productivity
  • Reduce risks associated with clinical supply coordination

Always know the status and location of supplies and samples

Ensure oversight of clinical trial activities from site-to-site or lab-to-lab at any time.
  • Sponsors have real-time insights into trial execution with data you can trust
  • Research sites are prepared for every patient visit and always have the supplies they need
  • More valid biological samples are collected using the right lab kits

Protect sample integrity and trial outcomes

Prevent breaks in chain of custody that may result in invalid or lost samples, questionable data integrity, and compliance challenges.
  • Trace supplies and biological samples throughout their lifecycle
  • Prove biological samples are valid
  • Automatically create audit trails of the chain of custody for biological specimens, lab kits, and ancillary supplies

Proactively mitigate risks that impact trial outcomes

Ensure data integrity, protocol adherence, and efficient trial operations.
  • Prevent patient replacements due to errors with supplies or biological samples
  • Avoid study delays and unnecessary staffing costs
  • Mitigate regulatory risks of biospecimen management

Slope vs the status quo

Take the chaos out of
 your clinical operations

Say goodbye to chaotic clinical operations where you spend more time handling problems than advancing your programs. With Slope, every day becomes an opportunity to focus on the science and the patients.
I highly recommend Slope to clinical research sites for kit inventory and study supply tracking and organization.”
Sarah Buccigross
Clinical Research Manager, University of Cincinnati Cancer Center
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