Clinical trial oversight for Sponsors

Execute trials with impeccable data integrity

Fulfill your regulatory oversight obligations through real-time visibility to clinical supply, and sample compliance down to the individual patient sample. Slope ensures data integrity of all the samples traveling along the supply chain.
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Case Study

Emerging biotech reduces costs and prevents study delays for Phase I oncology trial

savings with full oversight of sample journey
traceable chain of custody for samples
study delays due to sample loss
site supply utilization
reduction in supply waste
consolidated cost savings
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Demonstrate oversight of clinical trial activities

We’re making it easier for sponsors to understand the real-time status of clinical trial activities across stakeholders, uncover risk, reduce waste, ensure protocol adherence, and adapt to amendments as they arise.

Track and trace every lab kit that exists in your clinical trial

Slope’s platform provides a full traceable chain of custody for every lab kit, on every shelf, at every site, down to its expiry date, and to the individual components of that kit.
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Leverage biospecimen data for patient inclusion, safety, and efficacy

Slope provides complete sample traceability, contributing to patient inclusion, and offering evidence of treatment effectiveness and safety.
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Adapt to amendments with ease

Protocol amendments should be managed systematically to avoid confusion about the protocol version or actions needed for patient visits. Slope streamlines amendment processes and provides adherence guardrails, empowering research sites to carry out their work seamlessly — even with changes.
We needed a way to manage samples that didn’t involve piecing together data from disparate sources, only to find out that there were still gaps. For all of our studies, Slope helps us mitigate risk by giving full insight into the status of samples at every stage of their lifecycle — from site collection to arriving at their destination. I would recommend Slope to any Phase I program with sample management needs!”
Sr. Director, Translational Medicine

Emerging Biotech Company

Slope Benefits

Empower sites with workflows

By aligning operational workflows with the protocol and lab manual, there is no confusion about what inventory to use, for what visit, and for what patient.
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Meet obligations for oversight

With Slope, there is no longer a blindspot between the time of sample draw at the site to receiving a report from the lab. This ensures both the sponsor and the site are meeting their regulatory obligations for clinical trial oversight.
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Resupply sites based on patient demand

Lab kits should never be thrown away simply because the site was sent too much supply without looking at patient demand. Slope reduces waste by leveraging patient demand to trigger site resupply.
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The Rising Disparity Between Legal, Medical, and Clinical Trial Sample Chain of Custody
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